Aquatarium logo
A 25,000 sq. ft. interactive Discovery Centre has been created on the St. Lawrence river in Brockville, Ontario. It tells stories of life in, under and around the waters of the 1000 Islands. Called the Aquatarium, it features walk-through fresh water aquariums, an Otter habitat, theatre and many interactive exhibits.

For years our team took the creative and digital technology leads. We developed the logo, mascot and complete brand standards. We designed, coded and installed interactive exhibits. We built websites featuring content from the Aquatarium’s regional partners in Canada and the USA. We wrote, filmed and edited an enormous amount of entertaining, educational video content which still plays every day.

Unique branding and design

We helped re-name the Aquatarium from the Maritime Discovery Centre and and were involved in everything required. We created the brand standards, designed the logo and Otter mascot. There were countless marketing pieces including magazine ads, street banners, web banners and educational signage. Every detail closely adhered to the brand guidelines we established.

Aquatarium street banners

Custom interactive experiences

Treasure Chest experience

Children learn by playing so we created the Treasure Chest exhibit to test memory while rewarding with short informative facts and future bragging rights. Research shows children absorb far more when having fun.

Elevator experience

This mediated reality experience has a video screen mounted in the ceiling of the elevator that simulates a trip from the bottom of the River to the surface. We designed the experience, animated and coded it for automatic and synchronized trips.

Power of Water experience

Power of Water tells the story of the St. Lawrence Seaway, one of the 20th century’s biggest engineering feats and the longest inland marine highway in the world. Our animation and video is displayed on a 4×4 matrix of hi-definition monitors creating an eye-catching billboard. Without audio, it communicates at a distance in an otherwise busy, noisy space.

We also created a collectible, educational poster in partnership with the Saint Lawrence Seaway Management Corp. 

Biosphere hall experience

Nearly 20 feet wide, these 3 integrated monitors display high resolution info-graphics and 4k video. The output is completely automated until a visitor takes control of one of the touchscreen panels to begin to explore the 1000 Islands region.

Magedoma  experience

Step into a room from Senator Fulford’s famous yacht, ‘Magedoma’, where the windows are large synchronized monitors displaying views in opposite directions. Trips on the St. Lawrence were filmed using cameras mounted on a custom-built barge. This room moves with the waves and takes you all over the River and back in time. 

Theatre experience

The Aquatarium theatre is connected to deliver a River documentary, world science event or a presentation from the lab. 3 side-by-side screens and independent projectors make it possible.The hi-def video library we created for the Aquatarium is on display here with stories that focus on the River’s history, geology, ichthyology, herpetology and more.

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