Old and New Ed Huck Marine Logos

Ed Huck Marine brand evolution

Ed Huck Marine has been a fixture in the 1000 Islands area of the St. Lawrence River for 129 years.

People who knew it, loved it, but there were new initiatives planned and stories to be told. It was time to update the brand and integrate sales and marketing across the website, newsletters, social media and video.

The evolution of the brand wasn’t just a new logo but a complete brand guide covering the mission, values, promises and proof points. It became clear that all those years of family involvement, from employees to customers, meant relationships that went well ‘Beyond Boating’.

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Marketing plans

We develop a marketing plan that lays out tactical specifics to support brand vision and growth.

Marketing plan table of contents

Unique video production

Video is essential today, but not just any video. There are lots of sunset videos online so how do you make yours stand out? Our approach was to engage real EHM customers and mix together our professional capabilities with their enthusiasm.

My Marina

To increase and create better awareness that EHM is the place to do all your marine business we produced this video. We suggested and designed a microsite as a launching pad for the video. The video was used as part of their 125th anniversary celebration.

Especially Happy Moments

The acronym for Ed Huck Marine is EHM and we had fun with that by creating a series of 10 second videos titled ‘Especially Happy Moments’,  such as ’10 seconds of Bliss’ that features clients and EHM boats. Easy to connect to an email or social media post, they speak to EHM’s brand voice and tone.

The Best Summer – until the next one!

Every year we ask clients to submit their favourite River shots. We then create a collectible video and poster that makes for memorable cottage wall keepsake.

Let’s Go Back!

Staying with real people doing real things, we created this look back at summer. Using only visuals and a compelling music track, it shows exactly what EHM means by ‘Beyond Boating’.

The Present

This 2-part story tells how a boat feels about EHM’s new heated, indoor storage!

Website design & development

Your website is your primary distribution tool where everything connects back to. We re-designed the site completely to let the open bright design mimic the environment without clutter. The EHM e-newsletter links to the site. The website is now over 4 years old and with all the developments in coding and tracking over that time, an update is being planned. Stay tuned!

Website shown on various devices