We are a group who are passionate about engaging, effective storytelling. Telling stories is core to all human communication and our team has been at it for years, employing a variety of strategies, technologies and talents to keep our clients in top place.

25 years ago, being part of the team meant living within commuting distance of our Toronto office. People spent hours in cars or trains. Now, our team lives wherever they want and we connect digitally. We work on projects simultaneously, hurling files about the country at the speed of light. When we need to travel, or want to travel … we do. Simply put, it’s a far better lifestyle for everyone. Our clients also get the right team at the right time for each unique project.

Many of us, both on our Core and Associate Teams have been working together for decades.

Core Team

Team member Caroline Yung

Caroline Yung

Caroline keeps us all humming along! A Ryerson University grad, she ensures our projects run smoothly by keeping our clients and team engaged every step of the way.

Team member Doug McLellan

Doug McLellan

Doug is a writer, director and cinematographer. A visual thinker who has travelled the world, he likes seeing the big picture while sharing the important details.

team member Kaitlyn Claus

Kaitlyn Claus

Kaitlyn has always been an artist and creative thinker. She has a Bachelor of Design and loves to jump in and try new creative techniques. When not designing or crafting, she loves cooking up a new recipe.

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