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The Medical Council of Canada has a national mandate to assure patients that their doctors, wherever they are in Canada and whatever their medical specialty, meet the same demanding, consistent standards.

The MCC assesses over 11,000 medical students and graduates every year, in Canada and in 80 other countries. Our role is to help them communicate accurately and effectively to internal and external audiences. Our team has been working with MCC for 10 years and we have created a range of communication pieces including branding animation, motion graphics, video and websites.

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Website design & development

In creating the MCC Assessment Evolution website we ensured that all brand standards were met and also programmed the site to adhere to WCAG standards. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are international testing standards to ensure a website is accessible by everyone, irrespective of disabilities and age.

MCC Assessment Evolution Website shown on various devices

Custom animation and video

The MCC 360 video was created to launch a self-assessment initiative for Canadian doctors. In order to illustrate a variety of medical situations accurately, we coached and directed over 30 amateur actors to play the requisite roles. Custom icons were designed and then animated to ensure the video communicated concisely and linked to supporting online and print materials.

The Physicians Apply video was used to simply explain the new procedures, ease of use and benefits of Physicians Apply, the one place in Canada every physician or medical student, now engages with. This video demonstrates an example of our hand-drawn animation abilities and won a PlatinumMarComm award.


MCC 360


Physicians Apply