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In 2016, LTR submitted a proposal to Heritage Canada to produce an interactive exhibit and video in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. We are very grateful our proposal was accepted and the 65% funding we received from Heritage Canada allowed us to tell an important nation-building story called The Ties That Bind.

Most Canadians know of the CP railway’s “Last Spike” story at Craigellachie, (near Revelstoke) B.C. in 1895. What most don’t know is that there was another “Last Spike” event near Jackfish Falls, a remote spot north of Lake Superior.

It’s important because it was this spike that completed the east west railway and kept it all in Canada! It may be hard to believe but in the 1880s, the original plan was to have a large part of our transcontinental railway go through the United States! That may have made the recent NAFTA cum USMCA trade agreement even more contentious!

Custom video

2018 MarCom Platinum Winner

The Ties That Bind

The story of Lake Superior’s railway route is told through the words of railway “old-timers”, people who grew up here with family connections and stories. The video was a Platinum winner of a 2018 MarCom Award for Educational Digital Media.

Interactive design

We also created a touch-screen interactive map that allows users to click on a spot on the route and discover unique and interesting bits of history. LTR handled the research, all land-based video and aerials. Our post production included edit, graphics, animation, sound mix and design and coding of the interactive elements.

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