As you can see through our website, we are mostly a virtual company and celebrate the lack of commuting. However, there is one commute I’d do again and again if I could!

A few years ago I was directing a 1000 Islands video shoot where we used a twin-turbine Eurocopter to navigate the area. Each night we landed and stayed at turn-of the century Singer castle on Dark Island, then did it all again the next day. The pilot (Rob Marshall) and Red camera operator and DOP (Doug Holgate) were 2 highly talented, great guys and we had some memorable flights over 4 days of flying in Canada and the USA.

The resultant video has been used to tell dozens of River stories and illustrates well the kind of investment that goes into a cool shot, that lasts only a few seconds in a good video. The first video we created using this footage won the Best Economic Development award for Canada when submitted by the City of Brockville.

First Place Winner of 2013 Marketing Canada Award

RiverQuest Video

Behind the scenes

Landing at Singer Castle

Doug McLellan

Doug McLellan

Doug is a writer, director and cinematographer. A visual thinker who has travelled the world, he likes seeing the big picture while sharing the important details.